What sort of dental emergencies do we treat?

Our office is a full-service dental office, and Dr. Peter Korpal specializes in cosmetic dentistry, smile transformations and dental restorations. So if you have an emergency, you can be sure that your treatment here will result in complete restoration – or improvement – of your smile. Some of the things that you will want Dr. Peter to help you with on an emergency basis include:

Injuries to your teeth can happen in many ways – from a facial injury from sports or a fall to biting down on something hard. Sometimes an underlying infection can weaken your tooth, and cause it to crack simply from ordinary chewing. While surface cracks and small chips are usually nothing to worry about, a more serious fracture requires emergency treatment.
If you break a tooth badly, the blood supply and nerves are often left exposed. This can be extremely painful. It also means that the tooth will bleed. If you and in pain and your tooth is bleeding, please be sure to call us immediately so that Dr. Korpal can examine the tooth and provide necessary treatment.

A crack in your tooth may not cause you as much pain as a large fracture, but it is very important to have the crack treated right away. If left untreated, your tooth can become infected, which complicate future treatment and leave you with the risk of a requiring still more extensive treatment. Be sure to get an appointment rapidly so the we can take care of any cracks before they become infected.

When you split your tooth, often the rooth of the tooth is damaged as well as the crown, even though only the crown is visible. When a tooth root splits, it causes a high risk of infection, and can be quite painful. Most split teeth need to be extracted to prevent additional damage or loss to surrounding teeth and tissues. However, depending on how bad the damage is, Dr. Peter Korpal may be able to rescue the tooth with a crown. If you have a split tooth, you will need to make an emergency appointment so that he can assess the full extent of the damage, and recommend treatment.

Maybe you’ve had some dental work done, and it just doesn’t feel right. If you are in pain from an older filling, dental implant, bridge or crown, your emergency could be just as serious as if you had broken one of your natural teeth. If your work was done in a hurry or without using the proper tools or materials, you could be experiencing an infection, an allergic reaction, or other serious complications. You shouldn’t be in pain from properly completed dental work.

Dr. Korpal will be happy to see you and get you the help that you need, even if you have tried other dental assistance. Don’t suffer needlessly. If you are in pain – whatever the reason – please call our office for an appointment.

An abscess (painful swelling found on the gum, between the teeth, or in the tooth pulp) requires immediate treatment because it is an indication that there is a serious problem or infection in your mouth.
The abscess itself is one of your body’s defenses against infection, trying to keep an infection localized with the pus in a single area. Left untreated, an abscess can burst, allowing infection to spread. Dental abscesses can be found either on the gum tissue, between the teeth or in the tooth’s pulp. The latter is the most dangerous as it can lead to extraction of the tooth.
The pain from an abscess can erupt quite suddenly and can affect your whole mouth rather than just the infected tooth. If you suspect you have an abscess you should call us immediately for an emergency appointment. Early treatment can prevent the need for an extraction as well as preventing the spread of infection.