How does it work ?
Anyone who’s had braces will tell you that they count the days to having them removed. With 6 Month Smiles, a typical treatment period is six months, which is a major improvement on the years it may take with more traditional methods.

The exact period needed will depend on your particular teeth and your bone structure, but you’ll get a fairly accurate prediction of how long you’ll be wearing them at your first consultation.

Are 6 Month Smiles braces suitable for everyone ?
The 6 Month Smiles system if suitable for the vast majority of patients, and we can confirm your suitability at a free initial assessment. Adults of any age can be treated, while treatment of children usually starts at around twelve years of age.

How are they so affordable ?
Mainly because there are fewer visits to the surgery, so we don’t need to charge as much for our time and expertise. If we’re only seeing you for an average of six months rather than two to three years, the saving in dental hours are obvious.

What should I expect during my braces treatment ?
You may experience some very mild discomfort for the first few days after having your braces fitted, but this will quickly pass. The braces themselves need no particular care regime, but you need to be doubly careful when brushing or flossing your teeth, as there can be a few ‘hidden areas’ caused by the braces.
The brackets used to correct the crooked teeth are smaller and more discreet than traditional methods, so they’re much more comfortable and cause minimal inconvenience when biting or chewing.

No two cases are exactly the same, but you will have an appointment every four to six weeks – with a norm of five to ten visits.

The bottom line is that you will have a straighter, more confident smile in months rather than years – so what are you waiting for?

Here is what makes Six Month Smiles® so innovative:

  • Use of braces has shown to provide the most conservative and predictable final result
  • Average treatment times of only six months
  • Six Month Smiles Lucid-Lok® clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires are barely visible
  • Low forces and short overall orthodontic treatment times increase comfort, safety, and hygiene
  • Six Month Smiles is typically less expensive than traditional braces, aligner therapy, or veneers